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Commentary: U.S. dependence on Saudi oil causes major conflict

By | Feb 20, 2019

The US-Saudi relationship is a toxic one, based in faulty economic and diplomatic premises that have the United States supporting a tyrannical government for obtuse and increasingly regress reasons.

Real lives, fake news

By | Oct 22, 2018

When our own biases begin to censor news for us, it’s a slippery slope between questioning the necessity of the freedom of the press — or eliminating it completely.

International Recap: Tensions in Lebanon may lead to war

By | Nov 14, 2017

Political analysts have said that any military clash in Lebanon would be a “proxy war” between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Q&A: Photography professor discusses service project in Saudi Arabia

By | Nov 30, 2016

Janice Levy, a professor in the Department of Media Arts, Sciences and Studies, recently published an essay about her experience overseeing a service-learning program.

Egypt backs Russia and sparks unofficial Cold War

By | Nov 8, 2016

The economic relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia was the only thing that kept Egypt from turmoil.

International tennis players swing into action for the Bombers

By | Mar 23, 2016

Three members of the men’s tennis team are international students and had to learn to adjust to American culture when they arrived at Ithaca College.

Professor fuses culture and photography abroad

By | Dec 8, 2011

When Janice Levy, professor of cinema, photography, and media arts, went to Saudi Arabia last year for a 10-day workshop, she had no idea that the experience would later lead to a 10-month sabbatical.