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Snap Judgment: Kendall Day

By The Ithacan | May 2, 2016

The Ithacan produces a weekly segment called “Snap Judgment,” which gathers students’ thoughts and opinions about a particular topic.

Snap Judgment: Next School President

By The Ithacan | Apr 20, 2016

The Ithacan asks students to share the qualities they hope to see in the school’s next president.

Snap Judgment: Choosing Ithaca College

By The Ithacan | Apr 11, 2016

We asked prospective students at Ithaca Today, “What is the biggest factor in your decision whether or not to come to Ithaca College?”

Snap Judgment: Sodexo Food

By The Ithacan | Apr 5, 2016

The Ithacan asks students for their opinion on the Sodexo food available in the Ithaca College dining halls.

Snap Judgment – April Fool’s Day

By The Ithacan | Mar 30, 2016

The Ithacan asks students to share some of their funniest and best April Fool’s Day stories.

Snap Judgment: Network Outages

By The Ithacan | Mar 23, 2016

“How have the network outages and interruptions affected you over the past few weeks?”

Snap Judgment: RA Relationships

By The Ithacan | Mar 9, 2016

The Ithacan asks students to share what their relationship with their RA is like.

Snap Judgment – Valentine’s Day

By The Ithacan | Feb 17, 2016

We asked students: “What did you do for your Valentine’s Day?”

Snap Judgment: Rochon’s Retirement

By The Ithacan | Jan 27, 2016

We asked students for their opinon on President Tom Rochon’s retirement announcement.

Snap Judgment : Relieving Finals Stress

By The Ithacan | Dec 8, 2015

“What do you do to cope with finals stress?”