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Ken (Ryan Gosling) tags along with Barbie (Margot Robbie) on her journey to the human world.

Review: “Barbie” proves pink is the new black

By Molly Fitzsimons, Co-Life and Culture Editor August 17, 2023
Beautiful, brilliant, Barbie. The highly anticipated “Barbie” movie from Greta Gerwig was one that has been on my Letterboxd watch list since the first trailer was released Dec. 16, and in no way did it disappoint. Between the set design and costumes — accurate to the dolls and playhouses created by Mattel — not only was “Barbie” easy on the eyes, but pulled at every heartstring possible. 
“Us” mixes a government conspiracy, well-balanced blood and gore, impressive acting and nuanced characters to create a strong commentary on cultural, societal and racial tension in the United States like xenophobia.

Review: Horror movie ‘Us’ reflects cultural tension

By Jake Leary April 1, 2019

“Us” is at once familiar and foreign — it’s a traditional slasher turned and twisted into something radical and bizarre.   The film follows the Wilson family on their annual summer vacation:...

The Circle is based off the bestselling book by Dave Eggers. It details the the inner workings of a massive tech company as it expands its power and encroaches on the private lives of its users.

Review: ‘The Circle’ falls disastrously flat

By Jake Leary, Assistant Life and Culture Editor May 2, 2017
"The Circle" is another in a long line of science fiction films that recklessly damns innovation without acknowledging the necessity of advancement.
Deja View: Get Out and social commentary in horror films

Deja View: ‘Get Out’ and social commentary in horror films

By Kendyl Bennett, Podcast Editor March 1, 2017

In this week’s episode of Deja View, Assistant Life & Culture Editor Jake Leary sits down with Staff Writer Aidan Lentz to discuss his review of “Get Out.” Then, Jake and Aidan discuss the...

Moonlight follows Chiron, a black, gay man through three periods of his life as he struggles to come to terms with his identity on the harsh Miami streets.

Review: Barry Jenkins’ ‘Moonlight’ shines bright in the dark

By Colin Barrett, Staff Writer February 12, 2017
“Moonlight” is not only important for the black and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities, but for everyone.

Muslim Does Not Mean Terrorist: Inside Islamic Discrimination

By Sarah Pittman, Blogger November 23, 2015
With recent ISIS activity taking the forefront of the media coverage, the fear of terrorists is on high alert. People see a man in a turban in the airport and automatically rush to the worst-case scenario. I would like to take the opportunity to say this: Islam does not equal ISIS.
From left, freshmen Kalyn Altmeyer and Jordan Dunn-Pilz rehearse for Gaybraham Lincoln on Nov. 17. Senior Jared Corwin wrote the play, with original music by senior Jake Minter.

Presidential scandal: Student-written musical plays off history by putting a twist on the life of Lincoln

By Nina Varilla, Staff Writer November 22, 2013
Seniors Jared Corwin, Ella Carr and Jake Minter produced an original musical, "Gaybraham Lincoln," which surrounds Abraham Lincoln's secret affair with John Wilkes Booth.
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