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Sophomore Jenny Rose discusses her experience being a white-passing Native American student. She talks about how her identity is questioned and how the college ignores indigenous issues.

Commentary: Native American issues are ignored

By Jenny Rose December 8, 2021
These conversations need to be had and Native voices need to be heard. I’m terrified of getting a call that another family member is missing without a trace
Senior Abhinav Kumar brings attention to the change in body image standards that took place during the pandemic. He addresses the misconstrued connotation of certain body types.

Body image standards have shifted

By Abhinav Kumar October 28, 2021
Body image itself has such a social stigma in today's world that it can impact what kind of person you are perceived to be.
From left, freshmen Theresa Butti, Maya Lazar, Katarina Benson, Miriam Ludwig and Mackenzie Bragan pratice at a rehearsal at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 13 in Job 161. Freshman Madison  D’Amico created the dance group to recreate the type of interwoven community of dancers she experienced during childhood. The group emphasizes personal and community growth.

New IC dance group defies style constraints and expectations

By Silas White, Staff Writer February 22, 2017
IC Defy’s dance repertoire includes ballet, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary. Each style is taught by a different student instructor each day.
Ithaca College students stand in different locations around the campus for the #takeitback campaign. Attached to each photo on Facebook is a written post in which the subject explains their struggles with labels. Awwad has compiled over 35 images of students and the collection is still growing.

#takeitback: Student combats labels with social media campaign

By Kate Nalepinski, Life & Culture Editor February 1, 2017
Alisar Awwad created the #takeitback Project in an effort to “take back” her own identity and empathize with others.

Not an A-plus math student

By Frances Johnson May 4, 2016
Year after year of math classes, many of my Asian-American classmates would ace their math tests while I hoped for a B-minus or better.

Hi, I’m a black nonathlete

By Nuria Hunter April 27, 2016
One day, one of my white teammates stated frustratingly, “It doesn’t make sense. You should be better at this.” This stopped me in my tracks.

An off-putting New York City greeting

By Frances Johnson March 22, 2016
This spring break, I was a tourist in New York City. It was my fourth or fifth time there, but only my first time with an uncomfortable experience.

Muslim Does Not Mean Terrorist: Inside Islamic Discrimination

By Sarah Pittman, Blogger November 23, 2015
With recent ISIS activity taking the forefront of the media coverage, the fear of terrorists is on high alert. People see a man in a turban in the airport and automatically rush to the worst-case scenario. I would like to take the opportunity to say this: Islam does not equal ISIS.

Limited Resources for Individuals with Unlimited Patriotism

By Sarah Pittman, Blogger November 11, 2015
It has also been reported (via that fewer than 1 in 10 people who apply for disability will not receive it. What happens to these veterans? How can they adjust to their regular lives without help?

Newer Isn’t Always Better: Respect Your Elders

By Sarah Pittman, Blogger November 4, 2015
I challenge all who read this to take a second to appreciate your grandparents. Give them patience, respect, and, most importantly, love. If you are one of the lucky ones who still has living grandparents, take a few minutes out of your day to see them or call them.

Same-Sex Couples and the Same Old Stereotypes

By Sarah Pittman, Blogger October 21, 2015
A person with homosexual interests is still a person. An attraction to the same gender does not make you any less male or female, and it definitely does not make you any less human.

Combating Religious Persecution with Open-Mindedness

By Sarah Pittman, Blogger October 4, 2015
The point that I want to make is this: no matter what your spiritual beliefs are, there will be people who put you into certain groupings. This is a result of the extremists in religion who have created an image that is unfairly placed on all who have the same or similar beliefs. Our country prides itself on welcoming diversity, yet religion causes so much conflict and so many hard feelings.
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