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Senior Abigail Aitken earned the award for an essay she wrote about storytelling and its intersection with environmentalism.  The C.P. Snow Scholar award is presented to one or two students who compose an essay that demonstrates how their academics and extracurricular achievements combine both the humanities and the sciences.

Q&A: Senior C.P. Snow Scholar shares passion for environmentalism

By Jonah Schweitzer, Contributing Writer May 7, 2023
Ithaca College senior Abigail Aitken was announced as the 2022–23 C.P. Snow Scholar on April 27.  
Through four years on the music scene, Gracie Abrams has proven her musical talents. Now that she has a full album out, her storytelling abilities rise to the occasion.

Review: Gracie Abrams wishes ‘Good Riddance’ to her past

By Kinsey Burr, Staff Writer March 19, 2023
"Good Riddance" provides a window into artist Gracie Abrams' mind. What makes it even more impressive is that this is her debut album.
Eden Strachan 21 is an author, national award-winning journalist, filmmaker and creator of the Instagram page @blackgirlsdontgetlove which fosters community through storytelling.

Commentary: The story behind ‘Black Girls Don’t Get Love’

By Eden Strachan April 27, 2022
The goal of “Black Girls Don’t Get Love” is to use storytelling to foster community among women and girls of color.
Editorial: Gentrification and its stories must be listened to

Editorial: Gentrification and its stories must be listened to

By The Ithacan February 10, 2022
Acknowledging that gentrification is wrong does not equate to an understanding of why gentrification is in fact “bad.”
Junior Brontë Cook, The Ithacan opinion editor, writes that the Department of Journalism at Ithaca College must include empathy in its teaching.

Commentary: Journalism education must include empathy

By Brontë Cook December 11, 2019
Despite the industry’s general focus on objectivity, our individual perspectives play an essential role in the way we tell stories.
Earthlings has had two meetings so far, with the first two themes being significant firsts and home.

Ithaca College students create group based on storytelling

By Ashley Wolf, Staff Writer March 23, 2016
Earthlings is a group founded by several Ithaca College students that focuses on telling and sharing stories.

My Planned Parenthood Story

By Christina Tudor September 14, 2015
Christina Tudor shares her Planned Parenthood story in light of the recent attacks against the organization. Her story begins in September 2013 and continues into the present as Planned Parenthood continues to be the catalyst for her activism.
I was so busy while in Selma, Ala. that this is the only picture I managed to get of myself

Travel, Not Transit

By Faith Meckley, Staff Writer March 11, 2015
I found myself a nice piece of bus station floor and spread out my sleeping bag. I sat down and ate my fries quickly, hoping to catch a nap before my next bus. A man with his own basket of fries, smothered in cheese sauce, approached me. “That’s a nice set up you got there, mind if I join you?”
A crowd gathers to watch a film screening at the Rochester Fringe Festival last year. Fringe festivals often feature chaotic and unconventional acts. Ithaca will hold its first fringe festival April 24–27 in downtown Ithaca.

Unorthodox theater festival premieres in Ithaca

By Nina Varilla, Staff Writer April 16, 2014
On April 24–27, Ithaca will host its first fringe festival, featuring five different acts. Fringe festivals usually deliver unconventional performances.

Video: Freedom Through Storytelling

By Tiffany Ruff February 14, 2013
Regina Carpenter, a lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies, creates a class that requires students to tell stories every week.
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