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“You see a student like Rugie [Baldeh], bright, engaged, raising provocative issues, always in the conversation and then one day you come to class, and shes staring out of the window,” Peyi Soyinka-Airewele, professor in the Department of Politics, said. “You cant even continue teaching. Its impossible. … Just watching my students in class when they go through a situation like that is literally heartbreaking.”

Student racially profiled and wrongfully fired from Walmart

By Lorien Tyne, News Editor May 8, 2023
Senior Rugie Baldeh, former Walmart employee, was racially profiled, accused of aiding scammers that stole from the store, then fired and banned from Walmart.
Ithacas Starbucks workers celebrate their victories as a member of the National Labor Relations Board counts the ballots of their union vote via Zoom.

Ithaca’s Starbucks workers become unionized across entire city

By Elijah de Castro, News Editor April 9, 2022
Ithaca has become the first city to have all of its Starbucks locations unionized, after three nearly unanimous votes that were counted April 8.
From left, Caspar Ward York and junior Gillian Rossbach are two workers at the Meadow Street Starbucks in Ithaca who have signed a petition to unionize their store.

Ithaca’s Starbucks workers join national fight for labor unions

By Elijah de Castro, News Editor February 16, 2022
Junior Gillian Rossbach and sophomore Alyssa Salerno, who are Starbucks employees, have signed a petition to form a labor union at a local Starbucks.
The advantages of entrepreneurial risks in college

The advantages of entrepreneurial risks in college

By Jacob Selbst October 24, 2021
Explore the unexplored and never confine yourself to the prescribed script set forth by others simply because it appears safe.
Senior Tiro Serobe explains her views on understaffing in the dining halls, as a former student employee of Terrace Dinning Hall. She encourages all to show kindness to staff members.

Student calls for patience with dining hall workers

By Tiro Serobe September 16, 2021
But I hope that they know how grateful I am for all their hard work and all the times they have gone above and beyond for many students on campus.
Labor shortage produces issues throughout campus

Labor shortage produces issues throughout campus

By The Ithacan September 16, 2021
After the college furloughed or laid off at least 264 staff members since March 2020, the college is now facing the consequences of being left shorthanded. 
From left, sophomores Liam Spellman and Samuel Levine wait in line on the social distancing markers at Terrace Dining Hall on Feb. 9.

Training series helps students address COVID-19 concerns

By Caitlin Holtzman, Assistant News Editor March 11, 2021
The De-escalating COVID-19 Situations meeting series provided students with verbal and nonverbal ways of handling situations in which peers may not be following the college’s COVID-19 guidelines.
Erin Shaw is a junior Public and Community Health Major. As a SHEL, Shaw has been assisting the Return to Campus Task Force to move students onto campus.

Commentary: Community Solidarity is a Necessity — A SHEL Perspective

By Erin Shaw February 9, 2021
As a community, I feel we need to do better. Coming home from a long day at work and seeing images of 50-plus kids at a party is a slap in the face.
At the start of the semester, Terrace Dining Hall was having issues —long lines, food shortages and a lack of student employees made it a rough start to the year. Since then, some of these problems have been resolved but students are still noticing issues.

Terrace Dining Hall faces backup from lack of student staff

By Sierra Guardiola, Contributing writer September 19, 2016
Though the Terrace Dining Hall at Ithaca College underwent major renovations this year, it has experienced new problems with staffing and operations. Jeffrey Scott, Sodexo area general manager, said attendance in the dining hall has been up about 10 percent so far this semester, which he said could be attributed to the renovations. However, the dining hall experienced a shortage of student employees and is also missing a chef manager.
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