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SportsCenter is about to have a competitor, finally

By Andrew Kristy April 2, 2013
Fox is starting a 24 hour sports network that will finally compete with ESPN.

Better late than never: Here’s my bracket

By Andrew Kristy March 21, 2013
It's 10:30 on Thursday night and I feel obliged to write a blog about March Madness. Probably should've written a post earlier this week to fill my quota, but I sank into a small aggressive depression once I realized that it was still 30 degrees and snowing in Ithaca and I had piles of homework…

Brainstorming the next sport

By Andrew Kristy March 6, 2013
Is there some sort of super-sport we haven't thought of yet?

So Dennis Rodman is representing your country in North Korea

By Andrew Kristy February 27, 2013
When a polarizing guy is sent into North Korea, people go bananas.

You need to see UFC

By Andrew Kristy February 23, 2013
MMA is a sport that is worth your eyes.

The IOC is a joke for ousting wrestling

By Andrew Kristy February 20, 2013
The International Olympic Committee is making a mockery out of athletes who deserve the sporting world's utmost respect by trying to eliminate wrestling as an Olympic sport.

Things you wish you could do in sports

By Andrew Kristy February 16, 2013
With the NBA Dunk Contest tonight and ESPN brainwashing me all week with JordanCenter, I started thinking about how cool it'd be to posterize some kid in the campus gymnasium. Just Like Mike-ing, soaring above some rattled chump's head as I tear down the backboard and ruin all intramural sports for a month. Unfortunately, I…

Jadeveon Clowney should be in Madden ’14

By Andrew Kristy February 14, 2013
You've seen the hit (if you haven't, watch). So, that dude is a year younger, a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than me. Can you even imagine bumping into him in the halls? Probably feels like you're casually getting run over by a house. An absolute mammoth human being. Would go number one in…

“Undefeated” will be the best documentary you’ll have watched in a while

By Andrew Kristy February 7, 2013
A high school football documentary that you needed to see yesterday.

The Extra Point is back with a Super Bowl prediction

By Andrew Kristy February 1, 2013
Haven't blogged in a while and, honestly, I've missed this venting space. Tons of things happened in the sporting world while I was gone. People realized cycling is synonymous with drugs; people realized it's hard to date a significant other if you've never met; and people realized that maybe they need to start looking at…

Fireman Ed is what’s wrong with sports media

By Andrew Kristy November 28, 2012
We are all wasting time on Fireman Ed.

Over/Under: 50 years until professional football is extinct

By Andrew Kristy November 26, 2012
If you never visually saw football, would you like it? And, will football be around forever?
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