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Gaining Independence

By Lilly Miller May 7, 2011
“I haven’t talked to my parents in a week,” a friend told me. My only response? “My mom told me to stop calling her three times a day.” Lame. I can’t help it; I call my parents all the time. Usually it’s when I have two minutes to kill and I want to be able to…

Golf Pro

By Lilly Miller April 23, 2011
I’d say that every time I work for the Athletic Department at Ithaca College I get a solid story out of it. No matter if I’m chasing balls for field hockey or selling snacks for wrestling, something happens. This weekend I worked at a golf tournament. I was a “spotter,” and my job entailed finding…

Meet My Friend, Colin, The Sloth

By Lilly Miller April 20, 2011
Let me introduce you to my friend, Colin, the sloth. He is 10. Maybe a little younger, I haven’t asked. Colin likes the dirt, but we don’t like him to drag it inside. “Colin, were you in the mud?” I asked. He shook his head, no. “Let me see your hands,” They matched his knees:…

Some Things Never Change

By Lilly Miller April 18, 2011
I remember being 10 and going through phases with my food. I would only drink Sunny D for a while, and then the moment my mom got the bulk bottle I would be over it. I moved on, I explained to my silly mother, onto bigger and better things, like Cup of Noodles. When I…

Middle School

By Lilly Miller April 11, 2011
When I see pictures of myself in middle school, I’m amazed that people considered me a human. Clothes hang off my frail body, making me look even younger than I was. My teeth were a situation in and of themselves. I’m convinced that the only uniting characteristics among them were the bright braces plastered across.…

Book Review on Movies?

By Lilly Miller April 11, 2011
I thought I was so smart when I asked if I could do my book review for a class on movies instead of books. “I’ll read the scripts,” I explained to my teacher, knowing all the while that I would probably only watch the movies. This, like all things not done honestly, backfired. I suddenly…

Bathroom Talk

By Lilly Miller March 29, 2011
Everyone loves a good coincidence. Maybe your day isn’t going too hot, but then you realize that the dining hall has curly fries. And to think, you almost went to Grab-N-Go. Lucky you. Then there are the times that have the potential to be great coincidences, but you thought too much and it is now…

The Shirts Don’t Lie, Ithaca is Gorges

By Lilly Miller March 22, 2011
You know what I love? The fact that Ithaca is Gorges. I love it. Whenever someone asks me where I go to school, and I say Ithaca, a common response is, “Oh, those winters must be brutal.” I nod, acknowledge the rough, never ending winters, and then I add “but when it’s nice; oh boy,…

A Worthwhile Investment

By Lilly Miller March 22, 2011
My sister, Leah, upgraded from the free but crappy Verizon phone she had to an iPhone while I was home for spring break. It was a big switch, especially for someone who literally just instant messaged me, “I can’t see the Website… Oh, I had to click ‘refresh.’” We struck a deal that if I…

Potential Allergy Label

By Lilly Miller March 17, 2011
On “Inside the Actors Studio,” the host, James Lipton, always asks his guests the same questions to close the interviews. One of the questions, “What job would you absolutely never want,” was of particular interest to me this afternoon. I was washing dishes while watching the show, and found myself deciding that washing dishes would…

Pancakes Round Two

By Lilly Miller March 15, 2011
I attempted pancakes again. My mom went out of town while I was home for spring break. I had to plan to catch the soonest bus back to Ithaca, and be out of Maryland before the dishes needed to be done. But alas, I stayed. A devoted daughter, I even did the dishes. My feeble…

Cheese, Anyone?

By Lilly Miller March 15, 2011
I don’t dream too often. But since I’ve been home, I've had these vivid dreams each night. They started off being harmless, but they are starting to interfere with my day-to-day life. “I got you the string cheese and celery you asked for,” I told my sister. “What are you talking about?” She said. Apparently…
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