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Editorial: Proposed ICC plan changes would benefit the college

Editorial: Proposed ICC plan changes would benefit the college

April 19, 2018
There have been instances of students not being able to study abroad as planned due to issues with getting into ICC classes, the proposal states.
Vince DeTuri, director of the Integrative Core Curriculum, said the Park Schools proposal is on hold until the ICC program review during the 2018–19 academic year. The proposal calls for an expansion of the Liberal Arts and Society theme, which currently is only available to transfer students.

Students struggle to graduate due to the ICC

By Falyn Stempler, Staff Writer January 30, 2017
Some seniors are just barely able to achieve their graduation requirements because of complications arising with the Integrative Core Curriculum.
Vince DeTuri, director of the Integrative Core Curriculum, has been in the position for a year. Hes spent his time trying to pass more policies to better the ICC and work with professors to create more ICC classes. However, student and faculty criticism still exist that the ICC has flaws that arent being addressed.

A year into ICC director position, DeTuri working toward change

By Anna Lamb and Grace Elletson May 8, 2016
A year into his tenure as the Integrative Core Curriculum director, Vincent DeTuri said he and the Committee on College-Wide Requirements are planning to make the ICC more manageable by changing some of its requirements after facing complaints among faculty and students that there are still many problems with the ICC.
Michael Trotti, professor in the Department of History, says that statues should reflect shared public values, not values that divide the public.

Commentary: ICC limits student choice

By Michael Trotti March 21, 2016
On paper, it is an innovative program with interesting choices. In practice, it is less: a curriculum that is difficult to provide and that limits student authority over their courses.
Special Report: Evaluating the colleges vision in IC 20/20

Special Report: Evaluating the college’s vision in IC 20/20

By Aidan Quigley, Kayla Dwyer, and Natalie Shanklin April 22, 2015
Evaluating some of the central tenets and initiatives of the IC 20/20 during a time when the college’s overall vision is open to interpretation and reimagination.
First-year student Mandy Congleton looks at her class schedule, which includes a seminar on one of six themes that are part of the Integrative Core Curriculum detailed in the IC 20/20 strategic plan.

Core curriculum debuts themes for freshmen

By Michael Tkaczevski and Noreyana Fernando August 30, 2013
Beginning this year, incoming first-year and transfer students will fulfill general education requirements based on “themes” they choose while registering for their first semester’s courses.
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