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Campus Bandits: Students steal items from around campus

By | Apr 13, 2016

Some Ithaca College students have stolen items like signs, furniture and other objects from around the Ithaca College campus.

IC students say marijuana use often goes unpunished

By | Feb 18, 2015

Freshman Adam* said he thought he was being careful when an officer caught him. He placed a blanket under the door, turned his fan on and faced it toward the open window.

Editorial: Marijuana reporting lacks consistency

By The Ithacan | Feb 18, 2015

Ithaca College lacks consistency when it comes to the frequency with which student marijuana use is reported, as well as the severity of resulting penalties.

Public Safety Log: Nov. 14–Nov. 30

By The Ithacan | Dec 10, 2014

November 14
Safety Hazard
SUMMARY: Caller reported bike chained to post blocking handicap access.

Public Safety Log: Aug. 25 – Sept. 2

By The Ithacan | Sep 10, 2014

Unauthorized auto use
Location: College Circle Roadway
SUMMARY: Officers reported stopping a person operating a golf cart.

Public Safety Log: Aug. 12 – Aug. 24

By The Ithacan | Sep 10, 2014


V&T violation
SUMMARY: Officer reported unknown person or vehicle damaged vehicle.

Public Safety Log: Feb. 13 – Feb. 16

By The Ithacan | Mar 5, 2014

Selected Public Safety Log entries from Feb. 13 to Feb. 16

Public Safety Log: Feb. 3 – Feb. 7

By The Ithacan | Feb 19, 2014

Public Safety log entries from February 3 to February 7.

Public Safety Log: Jan. 20 – Jan. 25

By The Ithacan | Feb 5, 2014

Public Safety Log Entries from January 20 to January 25.

Public Safety Log Jan.13 to Jan. 19

By The Ithacan | Jan 29, 2014

Public Safety Log entries from January 13 to January 19.

Now You Know: Uncovering the naked truth

By The Ithacan | Oct 30, 2013

In this week’s “Now You Know” column, Special Projects Manager Elma Gonzalez looks into the specifics of public exposure at the college and New York State law.

Public Safety to adopt new student focus

By | Oct 2, 2013

The Office of Public Safety is seeking to bolster its community policing mission by engaging students and other members of the community in an open conversation about campus safety.