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A week in photos — March 21, 2013

By Ithacan Staff March 21, 2013
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That’s so Clutch

By Cady Lang, Staff Writer October 6, 2012
The "It" purse of the season is the clutch, an obvious homage to the return to minimalism in recent trends. Downsize your purse to a sleek and chic clutch - with the plethora of styles available, you'll say "adieu" to huge hobos and extraneous totes in no time: The hard case clutch: The envelope clutch:…

Fang-tastic dentalwork: trendy?

By Lara Bonner October 21, 2011
It's no breaking news that cosmetic surgery has gained popularity in the past ten years.  The trends involved are largely horrifying (I won't go into most of them). Today the internet told me that getting surgery to purposefully make your teeth crooked is apparently a new cosmetic surgery trend around the world. ...It's okay. I,…

Cafeteria Couture

By Lara Bonner September 9, 2011
Hello beautiful readers. Welcome to "Odd Trends," a blog in which the latest gadgets, crafts and fashions will be both lusted after and ruthlessly mocked (mostly the latter). I hope you stick with me through this semester full of interesting and ridiculous trends. I figure, since school's just resumed, I'll first examine a school-related trend…
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