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From left, Park Tank winners senior Dominick Recckio, freshman Alexa Dargis and senior Prairwa “Sunny” Leerasanthanah stand with Bryan Roberts, associate dean of the Park School of Communications.

Clothing blog idea wins Park Tank’s top prize of $500

By Daniel Hart, Contributing Writer September 30, 2015
Senior Prairwa “Sunny” Leerasanthanah won the first prize of $500 to incorporate a clothing company into her Tumblr blog, “But I’m a Tomboy.”
Charlie Pembroke is featured as the subject of the Tumblr blog “Reasons Why My Son is Crying.” Greg Pembroke ’02, the founder, creates captions such as, “I read him his favorite bed time story.”

Alumnus features crying son on recognized Tumblr blog

By Josh Greenfield, Staff Writer April 24, 2013
Greg Pembroke '02 is the founder of the Tumblr blog, "Reasons My Son is Crying." He and his son, Charlie have been featured on "Good Morning America" and "The Today Show."

The Buttzine is a zine about butts

By S.B. Kasulke, Blogger, deviant October 7, 2012
Do you have any idea how much porn there is on the Internet? No. You don’t. Mere mortals like yourself, dear reader, could not bear possessing comprehensive knowledge of the unfathomable amount of videos promising rabid penetration of barely-legal vacant-eyed coeds or the unthinkable decades an infinite and ever-expanding  stream of amateur porn comprises, endlessly…

A list of things Lindsay NoHANDS made me think and feel, plus an interview

By Sarah Kasulke, Blogger, Fiend September 26, 2012
Our blogger muses about a blog dedicated to pictures of Lindsay Lohan with her hands photoshopped off.

Ron Paul’s Funeral City is the weirdest blog you’ll see this week

By Sarah Kasulke September 17, 2012
A blog dedicated to a cult that probably doesn't exist sufficiently confuses our blogger.

Blogging sites add user restrictions

By Jamie Nash, Staff Writer April 4, 2012
In response to Pinterest photos of scantily clad, malnourished women tagged as “thinspiration,” site administrators have released a policy taking a stand against users who promote self-harm in pursuit of beauty. They are not alone. Tumblr and Pinterest, blogging and social media websites, recently prohibited users from posting content that promotes self-harm, eating disorders or…

Tumblin’ in Style

By Cady Lang October 17, 2011
Seeing as how I only made my first tumblr account this summer, I think it's safe to say that I was a little late to the whole tumblr trend. However, while tumblr can be a great way to produce awesomeness to share with all your followers (in my case, my very small band of followers,)…
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