November 30, 2022
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Athletes need mental health support beyond performance psychology

By | Oct 14, 2020

Mental health has always been a major concern for college athletics, and those issues are only being exacerbated by the isolation and decrease in physical activity that athletes are facing.

Senior athlete overcomes obstacles in running career

By | Nov 7, 2019

After two transfers of schools, three changes of major and battling mental health, senior Parley Hannan has found a home on the cross-country team.

Sophomore uses squash to transition to collegiate tennis

By | Apr 4, 2018

Sophomore transfer student Parley Hannan has never played formal tennis before coming to Ithaca College.

Freshman basketball player salvages his playing career

By | Dec 11, 2013

A former Division I prospect has found a new home in Ithaca.

Clickers give students remote control and challenge professors

By | Sep 9, 2011

With many college classes overflowing with students, large universities are turning to clickers to help professors keep track of their students and help organizations run meetings more efficiently. According to a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education more than 1,000 colleges use the handheld devices produced by Turning Technologies, which resemble a television…