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Senior Mariana Batista addresses the complex topic of unpaid internships through the lens of hidden systems of white privilege.

Commentary: Unpaid internships enable white privilege

By Mariana Batista April 7, 2022
Our society’s history of systemic racism has made it difficult for BIPOC to move up the financial and corporate ladders. The white privilege hidden in unpaid internships is yet another barrier.
Sophomore Ian Sawyer looked into summer internships pertaining to his English major but found that most paid minimum wage or nothing at all. Usually, he works about 60 hours a week during the summer.

Access to internships perpetuates inequality

By Bianca Mestiza and Sophie Johnson April 26, 2017
"It leaves out in the dust students who look at the opportunity and conclude they don’t have the means to be able to work for free,” Yamada said.
Junior JoAnn Castillo has had four unpaid internships during her time as a student. She writes that unpaid internships are not always the best option for students seeking professional experience.

Commentary: Unpaid internships do not pay off

By JoAnn Castillo November 30, 2016
Often, students are unaware that unpaid internships are regulated by the U.S. Department of Labor, let alone that they have legal rights.

Interns can gain without any pay

By Frances Johnson February 26, 2014

Across the United States, thousands of college students are applying for internships. An internship is a great way for students to develop professional skills while working in the field, such as written...

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