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Living room concerts brings live music back to its roots

By | May 3, 2017

“Why would you be by yourself on a huge stage? … How can you communicate your feelings when you are so far away from [the audience]?”

Review: The Mavericks make magic with ‘Brand New Day’

By | Apr 5, 2017

The Mavericks released several rock albums throughout their career, but “Brand New Day” is a step away from these old roots.

Ithaca College Gamer Symphony Orchestra Performs

By , | Oct 29, 2014

The Gamer Symphony Orchestra performed in Ford Hall on Oct 28. Their set list included songs from video games such as “Final Fantasy” and “Fire Emblem.”

Violins engineered to imitate human voice, studies show

By | Apr 1, 2013

As a member of IC’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra, I hear the conductors referring to instruments “singing” pretty frequently. A lot of our music is written for instruments to substitute for vocals, so breathing patterns and articulations have to be tweaked to produce a sound that’s less like a machine and more like a voice. Recent…

Video: String Quartet Performance

By | Mar 21, 2013

The Amernet Quartet performs in Whalen and plays a string piece composed by Ithaca College music professor Dana Wilson.