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Gaga Makes Another Statement, But What Was It?

By | Mar 16, 2014

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, ED
In one of the most bizarre moves of a career characterized by publicity-grabbing stunts, Lady Gaga invited performance artist Millie Brown to vomit on her during a rendition of her song “Swine” at the SXSW music festival Thursday (March 13).

Indie-rock group hails heritage

By | Oct 5, 2011

Girls, a folksy San Francisco duo, wowed the indie scene with their catchy throwbacks to 1950s rock ’n’ roll on their debut LP, “Album,” in 2009. Two years later, they have returned with a full-length sophomore effort that proves the first time around wasn’t just luck.

Song of the Week: “Vomit”

By | Sep 19, 2011

So we’re trying this new thing out that will help link Sharp Notes with the print format of “The Ithacan!” Have you seen those funky QR codes? These things have been popping up everywhere since smart phones really started catching on. Just scan the code and you are immediately taken to bonus content you wouldn’t…