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Between The Lines: Why I no longer root for the Washington Redskins

By | Nov 7, 2012

Columnist Nathan Bickell is fed up with the way Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is running his favorite NFL football team. He says it’s time to switch teams and don the Baltimore Ravens’ purple and black.

Thoughts On Much Anticipated McNabb Return

By | Oct 5, 2010

After a week long of speculation about how Donovan McNabb would be received by his former fan base, what actually happened was not a shock, even though the other way would’ve been more fitting. McNabb was cheered and given a standing ovation when his named was announced to the crowd. It was a classy gesture…

Too Boo or Not To Boo…That Is The Question

By | Oct 3, 2010

It seemed like yesterday during that April Saturday in 1999 when 30 die heart Eagles fans appropriately dubbed “The Dirty 30” booed Donovan McNabb on draft day. Twelve years later, that moment is still brought up in several conversations regarding the now Washington Redskins quarterback. It’s used to stereotype Philadelphia fans as distasteful and give…