September 30, 2022
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Commentary: Unpaid internships enable white privilege

By | Apr 7, 2022

Our society’s history of systemic racism has made it difficult for BIPOC to move up the financial and corporate ladders. The white privilege hidden in unpaid internships is yet another barrier.

‘The Intersection’ – A Conversation with Catriona Ferguson

By | May 6, 2021

The Ithacan · ‘The Intersection’ – A Conversation with Catriona Ferguson
Host Frankie Walls sits down with junior Catriona Ferguson to discuss Ferguson’s experiences as a white-passing mixed woman and her intersections of privilege.

Commentary: Photography is a display of power

By | Apr 10, 2019

The classroom is also implicated in this imperial power structure as it has risen from the same inequities.

Ithaca College students discuss how to be a white ally

By | Dec 12, 2014

In a discussion sponsored by Ithaca College club Feminists United, students discussed how to be a white ally during racial injustice protests and discussions.

Students create group to discuss social issues

By | Nov 29, 2012

Intersectionali-Tea Time is a new meeting series that provides students with a platform for discussion on social equality issues such as affirmative action and white privilege.