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Commentary: Insights on Immersive Learning from the Blue Sky Reimagining

By | Oct 21, 2015

Immersive learning increases self-awareness and empathy when conducted in diverse teams.

Message from the president to the campus community

By | Sep 8, 2015

Incidents of bias and racism, while unacceptable in any setting, are especially intolerable on our college campus.

Commentary: Rochon explains position on union neutrality

By | Apr 29, 2015

The moral foundation of an academic community rests on the free flow of information and thought.

Commentary: CAPS concerns will be addressed

By , | Apr 8, 2015

Ithaca College President Tom Rochon and Linda Petrosino, interim provost and vice president for educational affairs pledge to address CAPS demand.

Commentary: Policy won’t hinder media access

By | Oct 10, 2012

Our student media will have the same access to administrators that non-affiliated outlets have always enjoyed.