August 30, 2014
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Opinion Snap Judgment

Snap Judgment- Moving in

Ithaca College students answer the question “What’s the hardest part of moving in?”

Snap Judgment

What do you wish you would have been told before enrolling at Ithaca College?

Snap Judgment– Volunteering

Ithaca College students answer the question “What role has volunteer work played in your college career?”

Snap Judgment– supporting same sex

What resources should the college give to support same-sex married employees, besides tax returns?

Snap Judgment– New Building Ideas

If the college plans to construct a new building, what should it be devoted to?

Snap Judgment– Seth Meyers

What do you think about Seth Meyers coming to campus during a major accepted students event?

Snap Judgment– Noisy Residence Halls

Students weigh in on whether or not Ithaca College has adequately addressed noise and behavior complaints in the dorms.

Snap Judgment– E-Cigarettes

Ithaca College students answer the question “Should students be allowed to use electronic cigarettes in campus buildings?”

Snap Judgment– Olympics

Snap Judgment– Dean’s List

Video: Snap Judgment– Discrimination on Campus

Video: Snap Judgment – Credit Card Usage