October 4, 2022
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Artist blends old and new

Sufjan Stevens’ “All Delighted People” stays true to his classic style yet still provides new material for those fans who have been craving something different.

The opening and title track begins with a folky feel then crescendos into a burst of background vocals and string instruments, which sometimes sounds like the soundtrack of a Broadway musical.

The rest of the album is a collection of unrelated yet well-written songs, along with a remixed version of the title track. The EP comes to an end with the track “Djohariah,” which is comprised of several movements that transition from guitar solos to Stevens’ traditional folk sound.

This is not the album to listen to if people are looking for simple tracks under four minutes. In “All Delighted People,” Stevens collects several tracks, some of them ranging from 12 to 17 minutes. “All Delighted People” is an album that requires an intimate solo listen in which many will find meaning.