October 7, 2022
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‘Attack On Memory’: Abrasive sound shocks senses

With the release of their new LP, Cloud Nothings have now put forth three albums in less than two years. “Attack On Memory,” their new effort, is a grunge-punk manifesto filled with feisty angst.
Frontman Dylan Baldi and company employ clashing guitars, rapid-fire snare drums and guttural screams to deliver an energizing blast to listeners’ auditory systems.
Leading cut “No Future/No Past” starts off simple enough with a quiet piano line. As the song progresses, powerful guitars and drums enter. Baldi’s melancholy moaning results in an explosion of sound amid his wailing.
“Separation,” an instrumental track, is a mosh enthusiast’s dream come true. With a lack of vocals, the band is left to shred away on contrasting guitar chords and abuse the drumheads.
In just eight tracks, Cloud Nothings have crafted an album that sets the bar incredibly high for the rest of 2012’s indie releases.