September 28, 2022
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Band finds truth in music

The breakout band of 2008 is back for another dose of glory. Three years ago, The Airborne Toxic Event was the name on the lips of rock fans everywhere after the group’s single “Sometime Around Midnight” took over modern rock airwaves.

From the album’s cover art to the bombastic nature of the tunes that beg to be screamed along to, everything about “All at Once” calls for action and resilience. To its credit, the band dabbles in elements outside of the ones it favored on the first album. The group samples from punk and electro stylings to reinforce its melodies.

The song “All I Ever Wanted” is a tearjerker chronicling the insecurities of love. Lead singer Mikel Jollett delivers a staggering performance as his voice bubbles over against soaring guitar chords and driving strings.

The band’s passionate songs display a world of truth, honesty and emotion that even exceeds the scope of its already impressive debut effort.

3.5 out of 4 stars