February 7, 2023
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Band revives disco inferno

Dan Bejar, the lead singer of the Canadian band Destroyer, takes listeners back in time through the compositional use of disco, jazz and ’70s soft-rock instrumentals.

“Kaputt,” the band’s ninth full-length album, completely moves away from the folk-rock influences of its previous albums.

Composed with a theatrical flair, Bejar’s songs use free-flowing saxophone and spacey atmospheric synths. His distinctively smooth yet raspy voice does not overtake the instrumentals, but rather blends with them nicely.

Standouts like “Chinatown” and the title track, “Kaputt,” focus on the saxophone while “Savage Night At The Opera” is heavily synthesized. The album’s disco infusion is far from corny and helps the band produce its strongest work to date.

This album may surprise veteran fans, but it won’t disappoint them. “Kaputt” is enjoyable for both old and new listeners who will appreciate Bejar’s stylistic makeover and poetic lyrics.

3 out of 4 stars