February 2, 2023
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‘Blunderbuss’: Former White Stripes singer debuts rocking solo album

After founding three successful bands, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, the only logical thing for Jack White to do next was make a record of his own. For his solo debut “Blunderbuss,” the rock star rolls his  entire musical
career into one convenient package.

A portion of Jack White’s legendary status lies in his ability to traverse the various epochs of rock ‘n’ roll, touching on genres like blues, gospel and contemporary. “Blunderbuss,” has everything, including a bit of country, which White has a history in after having done a duet with country star Loretta Lynn.

White struggles through an abusive relationship in the song “Freedom at 21” as he sings, “Smile on her face, she does what she wants to me / She don’t care what kind of wounds she’s inflicted on me.”

Songs such as “I Guess I Should Go to Sleep” bring some country and early rock flavor. The track sports Western instrumentation like steel guitar and honky-tonk piano lines.

The song “Love Interruption” shows White taking a bold, daring stance against love when he sings, “I won’t let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me anymore.”

Joining White on the track is singer-songwriter Ruby Amanfu. The pairing of opposite-sex vocals invokes a watered-down sexual tension found in White’s Dead Weather catalog when he would frequently sing with frontwoman of the rocker group The Kills, Alison Mosshart.

Overall, “Blunderbuss” is a solid solo debut that asserts Jack White’s mastery of all things rock-related. In addition to his previous work, this new album offers some interesting insight into the influences of a rock icon