October 7, 2022
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‘California 37’: Train’s sound goes off tracks

Train has a history of interweaving pop culture throughout their clever lyrics. However, the pop-rock band’s newest album, “California 37,” hits listeners over the head with superficiality, beginning with the opening song, “This’ll Be My Year.”

The mix of pop culture rhymes and profound lyrics in “You Can Finally Meet My Mom” is cringe-inducing, especially with the line “Life is good, but love is better / Even Bieber ain’t forever.”
However, “California 37” offers a few redeeming tracks like “Sing Together,” which brings a catchy ukulele sound reminiscent of the band’s 2010 comeback single “Hey, Soul Sister.” Quick-paced, Spanish mariachi-influenced tracks, like “50 Ways to Say Goodbye,” will get listeners moving to this upbeat
instrumental track.
Though the band’s quirky lyrics seen in oldies like “Drops of
Jupiter” are sparse, the cheerful melodies in Train’s new album will hit many summer pop playlists.