October 4, 2022
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‘Ceremonials’: Artist calls for celebration

English singer Florence + the Machine’s second album, “Ceremonials,” is a soulful blend of folk, gospel and rock beats that fire on all cylinders as she drives eclectic tracks with constantly powerful vocals.

In her first album, “Lungs,” Florence produced a blend of tribal-toned beats mixed with choir-like back-up vocals. She continues to weave harmonies against complementing rhythms that give each of her new songs a meditative feel.

The second track on the album, “Shake It Out,” starts off jazzy with vocals and moves into a rhythmic, feel-good song. The chorus has a quickening pace and fast repetition that flows directly from verse to verse. There is a pagan quality to the singer’s chanting as the hopeful lyrics create an enchanting and uplifting mood.

Overall, “Ceremonials” is a celebration of mixed genres set in a well-paced album with poignantly toned lyrics. Indie rockers should make this listen a high-priority.