March 23, 2023
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Debut tributes bandmate

Charles Haddon, lead singer of Brit electro-poppers Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, committed suicide two months ago. Now the band seeks to honor Haddon’s legacy and promote the band’s work before the tragedy with the release of its debut album “The Golden Year.”

The band emulates born-again Pet Shop Boys, the sultans of synth. The album’s tracks sport driving beats fortified with drum kits and drum machines that are glossed over with synthesizer sheen.

Leadoff track, “Dance the Way I Feel,” will get bodies on the dance floor as Haddon provides a dominating vocal performance. His distinctive and powerful voice sets him apart from contemporaries when he wails over the microphone in the midst of surging instrumentals.

It is unsure what will become of the band without its lead singer, but its debut album will keep fans dancing while the group contemplates its future.