January 31, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 16°F


Duo creates wild sound

Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim’s new album, “Sidewalks,” is a stream of infectiously catchy music with few missteps. After the successful release of its sophomore album, “Grand,” the band gained momentum on Indie dance floors.

“Sidewalks,” named after an experience the duo had blasting the album on the streets of Brooklyn, is a strong follow-up album that packs a lot of power in each track.

The first single, “Cameras,” combines the deep, swanky command of a tuba, a bouncy melody and the driving force of atypical percussion to make a continuously surprising and danceable hit.

“Ice Melts” has some eerily familiar notes and may strike listeners as a little like “Daylight” from their last album. Cheesy lyrics don’t help the song’s case either.

The rest of the album picks up the tempo with criss-crossing synths, clanging bells and punchy sing-along choruses. Though a few songs fall flat, “Sidewalks” is still worth playing on repeat.