January 31, 2023
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‘Happy to You’: Swedish trio spices up sound

It’s been nearly three years since Swedish synth masterminds Miike Snow dropped its self-titled debut album in June 2009. With the release of “Happy to You,”  the group takes a step back to delve deeper into their emotions.

Fans may need to give “Happy to You” a bit of a chance before passing a final judgment. The band spices things up a bit by moving the four-on-the-floor beats to the back burner and experimenting with variable rhythms. The track “God Help This Divorce” exemplifies this momentary departure from the trio’s old, yet popular, sound.

Of course, there are songs scattered through the LP that bring listeners back to the Miike Snow of yesteryear. “Bavarian #1 (Say You Will),” a dance-provoking cut, uses synthesizers, snare drums and whistling to display some classic Miike Snow quirkiness.

“Happy to You” may not be as  accessible as the group’s debut album, but for those looking to do a little digging, it is quite a treat.