June 8, 2023
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Indie band reworks sound

Young Galaxy is a promising band on the forefront of a burgeoning Canadian indie rock movement. The trio’s transcendental brand of dream pop and rock brings a fresh perspective on musical styling to the industry. In its third album, “Shapeshifting,” the band swaps out the prominent guitars in its first two albums for drum machines and synthesizers.

In this album, the band changes the creative direction of its instrumentals and the rhythmic structure of its songs. Taking a minimalist approach by separating and deconstructing its sound, the band’s composition is held together by drumbeats but highlights other instruments so listeners can easily identify and isolate the musical ingredients that make up such a dynamic and passionate record.

With the release of its new album, “Shapeshifting,” the band has successfully reworked its sound without losing the originality that established it in the first place.

3 out of 4 stars