June 9, 2023
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Intense love story begs ‘Remember me’

When Tyler Hawkins made a bet to seduce Ally Craig, the last thing he expected was to fall in love. Instead of a college fling, he is pulled onto a roller-coaster ride of a relationship with a girl who changes his life — in turn changing audiences’ visions of life and love also.

“Remember Me” is a touching movie that captures audiences with talented actors, relatable characters and inspiring writing.

Tyler (Robert Pattinson) works at New York University, auditing classes and writing notes to the only person he feels can understand him — his brother who committed suicide five years before. Ally (Emilie de Ravin) is a student at NYU who lives with her father and attributes her risk-taking outlook on life to witnessing her mother’s murder. When the two meet, they begin a romance, bonding over shared issues with their fathers’ inability to cope with death.

Pattinson, famous for his role as Edward Cullen in “The Twilight Saga,” shows a wider range of acting abilities than usual. Pattinson doesn’t stray much from the dark and brooding emotions that have made him famous, but as he digs into more complex feelings like depression and hope, he shows more of his talent. He gives the movie a new spark that brings every on-screen relationship to life.

De Ravin, best known for her role as Claire Littleton in “Lost,” shows range as Ally. She plays the character with a sarcastic yet kind demeanor. During the scenes of conflict, she steps out of her usual sarcastic tone. De Ravin’s innocent portrayal of the character makes her believable as the girl next door, especially when she reacts to her father. She and Pattinson have great chemistry and complement each other’s performances.

Pierce Brosnan is impressive as Charles Hawkins, the hardworking lawyer who struggles to show how much he cares about his two children. Each scene he and Pattinson have together is filled with emotion and conflict.

The standout character, though, is Tyler’s little sister, Caroline (Ruby Jerins). For such a young actress, she showed great promise. The happy, yet awkward girl shows the darkness the role requires. She and Pattinson have a natural sibling relationship — he as the overprotective older brother and she as the lost but wise-beyond-her-years sister.

The script, written by newcomer Will Fetters, doesn’t stand out, though. Some of the scenes drag on, despite the lively action. When the leading couple makes spaghetti and ends up covered in the water and noodles, the ensuing playful action becomes cliché and forced.

The main issue with the movie is the characters’ missing backstory. It is obvious that because of tragic events in the characters’ lives they view, the world differently, but these issues aren’t weaved into the movie.

The ending has a twist, though, that is done tastefully, and the dialogue is moving. The finale makes the movie end on a memorable high note.

“Remember Me” is a movie that shows the importance of living life to the fullest despite tragedies. The ending is surprising, which makes it inspirational and enjoyable. While the script has forced scenes, the acting gives this movie the spark it needs for audiences to always remember it.

“Remember Me” was written by Will Fetters and directed by Allen Coulter.