October 5, 2022
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Ithacappella rocks stage at Block 1 concert

At 7:45 p.m. Friday, the line of a cappella-hungry college students and parents stretched through Campus Center past Grand Central Café and snaked around to the Information Desk. At 7:50 p.m., two men in shirts and ties informed the eager audience that there was no more room.

The Block 1 Ithacapella concert started at 8 p.m. with Premium Blend. The all female a cappella group sang three songs that started off rocky but finished beautifully, harmonic and entertaining. The audience ate it up and gave a solid round of applause as they eagerly — and somewhat impatiently — waited for Ithacapella to take the stage. When the revered a cappella group named “best male a cappella group in the world” at the International Championship for Collegiate A Cappella last April finally took the stage, the energy in the audience skyrocketed and roars shot up from the back rows.

From the start, the choreography and enthusiasm of the members captivated the audience and the up-beat tempo kept them asking for more. With little interjections like “let’s move on to the second verse” sprinkled into well-known songs, the group was comedic as well as quirky. As one would expect, the group couldn’t turn down a chance to incorporate a skit based on Kanye West’s infamous interruption at the Video Music Awards as freshmen were introducing themselves.

Though they did not sing as many modern, pop songs as they have in the past, the group sang a chilling African chant in two parts that were both haunting and moving. The rhythmic stomping and clapping resonated through Emerson Suites and left the audience awestruck and roaring with applause.

The group also sang the lyrics of a song called “I Believe,” from Nazi Germany that was discovered in a basement; it stole the breath of every audience member, sending chills down the spine. The poignant song lingered long after Ithacapella stopped singing and the intense emotions it brought up stuck with audience members even as they left the concert.

With the traditional final song—“Goodbye My Coney Island Baby” –sung with visiting alumni, Ithacapella rounded up yet another satisfying concert filled with deep emotion, perfect harmony and just the right dose of humor.