December 4, 2022
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Ke$ha’s emotions fuel CD

Ke$ha’s sophomore album, the LP “Cannibal,” manages to mix her usual heart-thumping dance beats with heart-breaking ballads.

Her first single, “We R Who We R” was written in response to a string of suicides among gay youths and has already topped Billboard charts. The track, which features the songstress refusing to apologize for being herself, is the perfect lead single for the album.

Skipping through the tracks, Ke$ha proves she can actually sing. In “The Harold Song,” she chronicles a former love with sweet piano swoons and a strong voice, unlike her typical bold and brash style.

If there’s any criticism of the album it’s that Ke$ha doesn’t show more versatility. “The Harold Song” shows a side of her that hasn’t been seen before, and it’s disappointing that she doesn’t showcase it more on this album.

While there isn’t much of a difference from her past release, there’s really no need. Ke$ha’s blowing speakers up and doing a good job of it.