December 2, 2022
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‘Kisses on the Bottom’: Romantic cover collection reflects on strength of love

Paul McCartney takes a nostalgic stroll down memory lane as he recollects songs from his childhood in “Kisses on the Bottom.”
The album is a collection of tracks including songs from the American Songbook, which features hits that McCartney’s jazz-performing father played for him as a child. McCartney shows a personal connection to the album and his older
listeners, which listeners under the age of 30 may not relate to.
A smooth jazz beat introduces the first song on the album, “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter,” and continues to carry on until McCartney begins to sing. Lyrically, the song is both mellow and easygoing, much more akin to easy listening than what the former Beatles bassist is known for.
The album continues with more tracks that may be unmemorable to a modern audience. The feelings and messages within the songs, however, are what make the album shine. This is an album about the celebration of love and how those feelings can change a person for the better.
McCartney shows off his skills as a songwriter in the solemn “My Valentine,” a dedication to his new wife, Nancy Shevell. The song begins, “What if it rained?/ We didn’t care/ She said that someday soon/ the sun was gonna shine/ and she was right/ this love of mine/ My Valentine,” which showcases the singer’s strong belief in the power of love.
“Kisses on the Bottom” becomes universal to anyone who has felt strong feelings of love at least once in their life. The songs are dated and on the slow side, but the lyrics themselves transcend the beats of the tracks and show that at any age, love can be found and be rekindled.