December 4, 2022
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Pop duo makes comeback with bubbly electro album

Synth-pop duo Chairlift has been lying low since its hit single “Bruises” graced Apple’s iPod Nano commercial back in 2008. But the band is breaking its silence with a bubbly new album called “Something.”
The pair’s sophomore LP is a groove-happy piece of art that relies on giddy bass lines and sparkling synthesizers.
Chairlift manages to work in some funky drum patterns which increase each track’s dance-heavy vibe.
On the front-runner single “Amanaemonesia,” lead singer Caroline Polachek’s breezy vocals  weave between the chugging bass line and synthesizers. The track twists and turns as it undulates from introspective moments into dance-inducing beats.
“Take It Out On Me” is an album standout. Skittish bass and pristine synthesizer runs combine to produce an ethereal feel that keeps the track light but grounded with catchy upbeats. Polachek’s otherwise flawless vocal performance is interspersed with shrieks that make the track more authentic given the submissive subject matter.
“Met Before” is a day-after-the-party anthem. Feeding from the excitement of the night, Polachek wonders, “my heart is beating fast and I wish that I knew why.” This track is one of the few on the album that employs any significant guitar. The distorted strums provide a refreshing contrast to the fluid instrumentals that they puncture.
The band may have left the guitar by the wayside, but the bass makes up for the absence and ups each track’s catchiness factor. Overall, Chairlift sticks with what it does best: making light-hearted bubble gum pop tracks with a radiant synthesizer edge.