October 7, 2022
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‘Port of Morrow’: Shins shine in album

After remaining dormant for half a decade, indie rock darlings The Shins have released their new album, “Port of Morrow,” at long last.
On the highly anticipated album, James Mercer and company draw from their typical mix of indie ballads and sensitive slow jams. Listeners are treated to a healthy dose of eccentric instrumental elements, which carry over from the partnership with producer
Danger Mouse under the moniker Broken Bells back in 2009.
The album’s lead-off single, “Simple Song,” is a monster of a tune. Steady bass and forceful strumming create an energized track that lends itself to Mercer’s flawless vocals.
With “Port of Morrow,” The Shins have once again delivered the goods as far as indie ear candy is concerned. The album’s eclectic sampling offers something for die-hard fans as well as those who are in the first phases of Shins discovery.