January 30, 2023
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Review: Producer takes electro recess



Enticing rhythms and powerful drops are brought together in the third studio album “Recess,” from the electro house artist Skrillex, which is packed with fast-paced rhythms that may make listeners head to the dance floor.

“Dirty Vibe” is one of the most effective dance tracks of the album, beginning with a digitized female voice saying “dirty vibe” before a low, computerized male’s voice comes in with angry, heated rapping. Eventually, the rapper’s voice begins to skip and stutter, while the beat builds up, getting increasingly loud and picking up tempo. This rising musical tension comes to a smashing end, where an energized melody arises, merging with the track’s bassy low-end. Through this moment, the audience may be inspired to dance, thanks to the track’s fast, synthesized rhythm.

Unlike “Dirty Vibe,” the track “Ease My Mind” opens with somber vocals and provides a variety of impassioned piano chords to carry its lyrics looking back on a relationship that was once loving but is now broken. This can be seen through the chorus, “Oh DJ, ease my mind will you/ Play that song again, cause we were in love/ Before, before the rain began/ And if I cry, I cover my ears.” Midway into the song, the rhythm speeds up, but the singer’s voice stays beautifully slow to compel the audience. This is the slowest song on the album and introduces an emotionally intriguing spin to a typical dance track.

All of the 11 tracks on Skrillex’s “Recess” have energetic beats that will motivate listeners to get up and move. His volatile style and digitized lyrics make for an intoxicating experience in the realm of electro house and dubstep.

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