March 22, 2023
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Review: Aerosmith shreds with 15th studio album ‘Music from Another Dimension’

After an 11-year hiatus from producing new work, Aerosmith returns with its 15th studio album “Music from Another Dimension!” The band’s last album, “Just Push Play,” was released in 2001. Now the band returns, proving, despite age, that it can still rock just as hard as in its early years.

Most of the album’s success comes from its standout tracks. One single is “Legendary Child,” which carries a catchy rock ‘n’ roll riff and a powerful vocal performance from the band’s frontman Steven Tyler. The lyrics are stirring, because they are reminiscent of the band’s past work, including many covert references to the 1975 hit “Walk This Way.” Tyler sings, “We took a chance at the high school dance / Never knowing wrong from right / And that same show 40 years ago / Being televised tonight.”

Another standout track is “Can’t Stop Loving You,” which is a collaboration with country star Carrie Underwood. The duet showcases engaging harmonies, with Underwood adding a country twang usually not found in Aerosmith’s work.

Additionally, “What Could Have Been Love” breaks from the band’s traditional hard rock ‘n’ roll style and exhibits a softer sound. Its catchy chorus, paired with guitarist Joe Perry’s quintessential guitar riffs, are reminiscent of the band’s earlier soft rock hits, like “Dream On.”

By the end of the album, the few standout tracks will take listeners back a couple decades to Aerosmith’s prime. “Music from Another Dimension!” can appeal to those same fans with its diverse range of rock subgenres.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars