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Review: ‘Anything in Return’ has everything to offer

Recording artist Chazwick Bundick — better known by his stage name “Toro y Moi” — is spicing up Winter 2013 with his third album, “Anything in Return.”

His latest feat is vibrant and layered, using an array of sounds to deliver the genre-blurring music that “Toro y Moi” is known for. Merging elements of hip-hop, rap and electronic, the album provides listeners with an addicting musical experience.

For fans, “Anything in Return” will feel like a well-rounded album. Bundick’s third release feels like an amalgam of the best from his musical portfolio. The album merges the clever synthesizers in the song “Causers of This” with the more natural sounds in the track “Underneath the Pine,” including moments of delicate piano and jazzy percussion.

It’s safe to say that “Anything in Return” has variety on its side. Standout track “So Many Details” feels positively hip-hop. Its bouncing bass and rap verses set it apart from the likes of “Touch,” an ethereal track that sits comfortably as the most ambient song on the album. With subtle vocals and dreamy instrumentals, it emphasizes Bundick’s musical versatility.

“Anything in Return” benefits from its meticulous pacing as listeners reach the middle of the album. Tracks “Cola,” “Studies” and “Grown Up Calls” will keep listeners engaged with their energy.

Bundick has delivered an exciting and enthusiastic album. With “Anything in Return’s” eclectic array of sounds and styles, listeners of all sorts will be drawn to “Toro y Moi’s” latest triumph.

Overall rating: Four stars

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