January 28, 2023
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Review: Dubstep album fails with mediocre quality

Dubstep ventured into the mainstream only a few years ago and has since evolved rapidly, entertaining listeners with an endless array of bass-heavy music. This considered, it is apparent that dubstep disc jockey and producer Joshua Steele, known as Flux Pavilion, has not kept up with his fellow artists’ pace, as his third EP “Blow the Roof” proves to be a mediocre release that struggles to satisfy.

“Blow the Roof” succeeds in delivering a few strong tracks. “Double Edge” and “Blow the Roof” stand out among the pack, incorporating satisfying bass drops and aggressive technique into the two songs. Unfortunately, such quality isn’t found in the rest of album.

Opening track “OneTwoThree(Make Your Body Wanna)” is damned by lackluster beats and shoddy sampling and is quite possibly the lowest point on the entire EP. The other tracks are simply forgettable, with songs like “I Feel It” acting more as filler than substance.

Flux Pavilion falls victim to “Blow the Roof’s” inconsistent quality between its tracks. While there are a few reasons to listen, and “Double Edge” and “The Scientist” may stay on your playlist, the rest of the album will be lost in the fray of more progressive artists.

1 star.

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