May 31, 2023
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Review: Emo band breaks silence with varied album

It has been about two years since emo sensation Paramore lost two of its founding members in what seemed like a bitter dispute about the status of their contracts with their label, Atlantic. Major label woes aside, a more truncated, three-piece version of the bleeding heart rockers is back with their fourth album, fittingly titled “Paramore.”

The sometimes self-indulgent lyrics aren’t exactly insightful or complicated, but the simplicity in both the words vocalist Hayley Williams sings and the guitar and drum beats allow the tracks to be almost irritatingly catchy.

The simplicity of the lyrics and instrumentation also keeps songs from sounding the same. The band is able to flawlessly go from heavily layered, angry vocal and hard drum track “Fast in My Car,” to the cheerful, straight-from-the-beach, ukulele-peppered song “Interlude: Moving On.”

With “Paramore,” the band manages to depart from its emo-pop roots at times. It is apparent that despite losing almost half of its members, Paramore has been able to maintain its catchy, vocally driven backbone.

Three and a half stars

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