November 28, 2022
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Review: Indie band rocks new power album

The Joy Formidable refuses to disappoint, carrying the raw power of its previous studio album, “The Big Roar,” well into its second full studio album, “Wolf’s Law.” This album comes charged with power chords so typical of the band’s noise-rock vibe. This is not to say the band cannot produce a calm and sensitive piece; “Silent Treatment,” “Turnaround” and the title track, “Wolf’s Law” are the most gentle and expressive tracks the band has produced to date.

The quieter, more sensitive songs follow the first five cuts that really drive into the heart of the album. The first two tracks, “The Ladder Is Ours” and “Cholla,” were previously released as singles and lead the charge as lead singer and guitarist Ritzy Bryan’s enchanting voice invades the mind. The band has branched out too on this album, employing piano in pieces where it wouldn’t have in the past, and Bryan has interspersed more daring solos to interrupt her driving power chords. “Wolf’s Law” is a solid follow-up for a band deserving of more airplay and a high-energy album well worth a listen.

Four Stars