May 31, 2023
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Review: Local band debuts vibrant album

Local indie artist Second Dam’s debut album, “Swimming,” is an enthusiastic mix of powerful harmonies and catchy melody lines that sweep the listener along as the album progresses from beginning to end.

The six-piece band is composed of drummer, sophomore Andrew Weir; violinist, sophomore Brian Schmidt; bassist PJ Scott ’12; guitarist, sophomore Zach Jones; vocalist, junior K.C. Weston, and junior Kayla Sewell on the cello and ukulele. All are current or former students of Ithaca College.

The album comprises eight original songs, varying from the up-tempo and invigorating “Beat” to the soulful and moving “Cry for a Ghost.” Throughout the album, Weston’s strong voice shines through and resembles a cross between Aretha Franklin and Adele.

Even though the band has only been together since 2011, it has already developed a distinctive style, which is conveyed through the array of songs on this album. The vibrant acoustics and unusual instrumentation set the group apart from college indie bands, as the energy and complexity of their music gives the album a rich and professional sound.

Four stars