November 26, 2022
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Review: The Sword slashes listeners with familiar sound

The Sword’s newest album, “Apocryphon,” is its first release with a new record label, Razor & Tie, and without the original drummer, Trivett Wingo. But despite these new changes, The Sword has put together a quality album.

“Apocryphon” has a slow start, with many of the tracks sounding incredibly similar. The greatest moments of diversity lie in the instrumental lead-ins for the songs. The range The Sword displays on this track doesn’t go very far, transitioning only from hard rock to harder rock.

The title track, “Apocryphon,” shows the band’s best qualities. Techno beats and Jimmy Vela’s rhythmic drums accentuate the trippy lyrics such as “Everything is all the time / All around you the points align / Everything is all the time.” Singer J.D. Cronise provides a solid performance on every track, especially on “Execrator.” On this track, his quick and repeated shouts accompany the fast timing of Kyle Shutt’s guitar and create a song that would fit into an action movie fight scene.

Vela, as overshadowed as he is, is able to show off his skills and cements himself as the new drummer. Despite the lack of range, “Apocryphon” sets a great start to The Sword’s new life with Razor & Tie and with a new member on board.

Overall rating: 3 stars

The rock band released their newest album “Apocryphon” off their newest label Razor & TIe.