September 29, 2022
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‘Scars & Stories’: Emotionally charged album exposes band’s hidden scars

For their third studio album, The Fray delivers 12 highly emotional and candid songs to their fans. The band  exposes their emotions in a way they never have before.

In their sensibly titled release, “Scars and Stories,” The Fray openly discuss accounts of their trips abroad — but with a twist. All the songs relate to their “scars” from being in love. This is a different approach for the band as compared to their first two albums. In songs like “Munich” and “Rainy Zurich,” it’s obvious to the listener that the band was inspired by the different places the band has traveled to while on tour.

In the breathtaking single “Heartbeat,” Isaac Slade, the band’s lead vocalist, creates a fiery start to their album. With this track, Slade commands attention with his wide vocal range. In addition, the catchy melody and passion-driven lyrics are captivating.
The band is able to show their “scars” from love through the use of their somber yet impactful melodies. The band’s strength is shown in their song “Run For Your Life” when Slade sings, “All that you are/ All that you want/ Run for your life.” In “1961” and “I Can Barely Say,” The Fray reveals the struggle of being apart from their loved ones while “The Fighter” accurately depicts the emptiness one can feel without affection.
The album ends on a high note with “Be Still.” In this ballad, Slade sings, “If no one is standing beside you/ Be still and you know I am,” showing that he will always be there for his loved ones.
Overall, The Fray achieves easy success with “Scars and Stories” through their natural ability to relate and connect with their fans through the honesty of their lyrics.