September 29, 2022
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Suspensful show fires up new tune

If fantasy fanatics are finding the wait for Peter Jackson’s adaptation of “The Hobbit” unbearable, HBO’s new series “Game of Thrones” may curb their desire.

Based on George R. R. Martin’s book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” “Game of Thrones” casts the viewer into a tangled world of crisscrossing bloodlines, scandal and murder.

While the series steers clear of the fantastical orcs and goblins found in films such as “The Lord of the Rings,” the show does boast one alumnus. Sean Bean takes a lead role as Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell.

Mark Addy drops the funnyman persona from “Still Standing” and takes up a crown to portray King Robert Baratheon. The casting selection for Baratheon may seem confusing at first, but Addy showcases his versatility. He exudes power and has no problem throwing around the term “wenches.”

The premiere falters in character development as character after character is thrown into the mix, which may leave some viewers feeling confused and out of the loop.

Even though the premiere takes off at breakneck speed, it lures viewers in with early plot twists and strong acting throughout. If the premiere is any indication of things to come, the audience is in for quite a treat.

“Game of Thrones” was created by D.B Weiss and David Benioff, and is based off the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by R. R. Martin.

3 out of 4 stars