January 30, 2023
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Tao masters sweet ballads

With a mix of up-tempo energy and down-to-earth R&B rock, senior Nate Tao’s solo EP “Lost in the Music” showcases the talented vocalist’s range in musical styles.

The five songs are easy to listen to because of an infusion of modern rhythms and high-energy vocals. While the simplistic rhyming lyrics are sometimes unnecessarily repetitive, these elements make it hard to resist singing along.

There are a few clichéd phrases; choruses about finding love on the dance floor and lost love are basic staples Tao uses. But the vocals are all superb. Tao’s voice is really the star.

“Take to the Air” is one of the best tracks on the album, as Tao’s voice is better suited for slower songs. At the same time, Tao’s electronic dance and pop songs are catchy and fun.

This EP manages to combine a wild party atmosphere with a mellower, smooth taste in music, and fans will certainly be left wanting more as they find themselves lost in the music of Tao.