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‘The 2012 Senior Student Show’: College seniors look to future with art

With a little bit of mundane life, a few representations of the underrepresented aspects of college life and a whole lot of introspection, the senior class art show displays the talent of the graduating class.

Senior Parker Daley looks at “Untitled #1” a bronze and steel piece by senior Sara Kidder, at the Handwerker Gallery in “The 2012 Senior Student Show,” a new exhibit of work by students. Rachel Woolf/The Tthacan

“The 2012 Senior Student Show,” curated by senior art history major Nora Kharmoudi, opened last Thursday in the Handwerker Gallery at Ithaca College.

Featuring the works of 36 students from the Departments of Art and Cinema, Photography and Media Arts, the exhibition focuses on two main themes: the need to meditate on intense internal emotions and a desire to redefine perceptions of the mundane. Perhaps the more unifying theme, as Kharmoudi highlights, is found in the presence of nostalgia for experiences at the college and a meditation on the events as the artist looks toward graduation.

Though admittedly — and understandably — a bit disjointed as an overall show, the pieces show a wide range of talents and artistic voices in the senior class. A unifying thread is unnecessary for the show to provide a glimpse of college life through the eyes of its artists.

As Kharmoudi accurately pinpoints, the pieces in the show have an intense note of self-awareness and reflection, such as those by senior Lewis Berns that begin the exhibition. His two colored pencil pieces, titled “Meditation Male/Female,” show one woman and one man with eyes closed, relaxed and deep in thought. The soft colors and lines in the work create a sense of peace and showcase the two figures’ cognition.

Likewise, senior Perri Gross’ ink-jet print “Waterfall” is a portrait of herself staring straight at the viewer. Her eyes connect and give a glimpse — if even just a hint — of her possible inner musings. The cool background of the piece is a nice, stark contrast to the figure’s golden hair and warm peach skin.

The perspective of reflection and internal emotion continues throughout the show with senior Daniel Golden’s charcoal drawing “Mugshot,” which shows a man with tired droopy eyes and mussed hair. The long night — or day — can almost be seen in the harsh dark lines of the charcoal.

Many of the pieces effectively call upon and display the beauty in the mundane scenes of life, a known staple for any college student. Senior Luis de Tagle’s piece “Rain Upon Me” zooms in on a rearview mirror of a car with the back window covered in rain. The print is covered in a blue cast to convey the gloom, but it still highlights the serenity of the scene. In contrast, his other work “Wait to Go on Stage” shows the hallway of IC Square with a girl presumed to be waiting to perform. The print has a warm sepia overtone, conveying a sense of nostalgia in the scene.

Though many of the pieces stick to these themes of introspection and the alteration of the view of routine life, there are some straying pieces that bring additional interest to the show. The sculpture “Goodbye,” by senior Rosemary Scavatto, shows a shining silver hand with bright red sparkling lips on the palm, a sparkling romantic representation of an everyday moment.

Additionally, the collection of pieces by senior Kristen Mixter is a reimagination of classic fairytales with graphite drawings and prints that bring an interesting perspective. The piece “She left behind one of her glass slippers, which the prince picked up most carefully” shows a woman leaning by a toilet with mice at her feet and a text from a friend about her missing shoe, meant to be a modern representation of Cinderella.

With polished talents and fresh viewpoints, the senior class art show, though granted a bit varied in theme and subject, is worth perusing for a glimpse at Ithaca College life through an artists’ eye.


“The 2012 Senior Student Show” will run through May 20 at the Handwerker Gallery.