December 3, 2022
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The Big Pink brings big sound

Following their brooding and romantic debut, “A Brief History of Love,” British electro-rockers The Big Pink return with a newfound love for glitz.
With their new album, “Future This,” Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell drop the hazy pathos and opt instead for slick beats and a trip-hop edge. The album as a whole takes on a sound that is decidedly more upbeat.
“Stay Gold” and “Hit the Ground (Superman)” call upon the success of The Big Pink’s most notable single, “Dominos.” Soaring guitar lines and pounding bass combine to generate a massive sound.
The band still leaves room for some heart to carry over from its previous album. The gut-wrenching ballad “77” is the perfect closer to the album. Furze ponders death and his emotions as he sings, “I wish I had 77 ways to say ‘No.’”
On “Future This,” The Big Pink manages to alter its sound slightly without losing its identity. Thanks to its versatility, the future looks bright for this duo.